Discover SAP Lumira 2.0: The revolutionary BI workspace linking IT and business.

Clariba and SAP Spain presented the new Lumira 2.0 in a hands-on workshop in Barcelona to a group of leading Spanish organizations. With Lumira 2.0, SAP aims to democratize and extend the use of advanced analytics for decision-making across all levels within the organisation.


BI workflow redefined

"Lumira 2.0 is the bridge that brings together IT and business into a common workspace for BI development,” states José Barnils, Sales Manager Europe at Clariba

With Lumira 2.0, SAP brings together two key tools well known to many SAP business intelligence experts: Design Studio, the tool for developing rich and interactive BI applications, and Lumira Discovery, the self-service BI solution aimed at business users. This powerful combination results in a new and unique common workspace for collaboration. Business users can now create their own analysis, visualizations and dashboard prototypes without the need of deep technical skills. Once satisfied, business users can choose to pass these components on to the experts in IT which can then enrich these with advanced interactivity and data browsing features to provide a powerful dashboard application.

"The integration of these two areas in one collaboration workspace will revolutionize the deployment and adoption of analytics for decision-making across the enterprise," adds José Barnils.

Connect to any data source

Lluís Aspachs, Director of Clariba’s BI practice in Spain demonstrated to the participants of the Clariba / SAP workshop how Lumira 2.0 allows merging and linking data from practically any data source in a matter of seconds; from SAP BO Universes to simple Excel files, navigating data from SAP Hana or any relational database.



Real-time data integration demonstration: IoT based game

After a lot of hands-on with Lumira 2.0 it was time for a fun competition. In Clariba’s “Game of Throws” participants competed for speed and impact by throwing a ball with a bundled sensor towards a scoring target. The built-in IoT sensor sent speed, acceleration and impact strength data to an SAP Cloud Platform HANA database in real time, while Lumira 2.0 displayed these metrics on an interactive dashboard. 

Lumira 2.0 will be a game changer. 

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Joan F. Puyol, Global Marketing Manager - Clariba