Achieve better ROI for your BI investments
with organizational alignment


A Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) is a team of people established to promote collaboration and the application of BI standards and best practices across the organization with the objective to provide timely, accurate business insight to internal and external customers.

What do you get out of a BICC?

Protect and leverage your investments in BI by aligning your organization, your people and your processes to a BICC. By building a dedicated, focused organizational unit that unifies processes, and applies BI standards and best practices across the organization, it provides you more timely and accurate business insight to internal and external customers cost effectively.

How can Clariba help you?

Clariba has proven experience in helping tier-1 customers align their teams to a more effective organizational structure for analytics. Beyond tremendous cost savings, our customers — who built an effective BICC  experience higher business user satisfaction and significantly higher budgets for analytics, ultimately achieving an innovation roadmap more aligned to current trends.


Before tackling a BICC, we recommend that Clariba provides your organization with a 360° Assessment for Analytics & Organizational Alignment, which focuses on your organization’s approach to analytics and its effectiveness in delivering actionable insight at every level of the organization. With our experience in many large enterprise scenarios, we analyze your current organizational structure, and interact with users and your IT organization to develop the most suitable organizational structure for successful analytics via a BICC.

BICC Framework

  • People
  • Processes
  • Governance

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