Our 360° Assessment for Analytics is based on best practices and an in-depth analysis of your entire BI environment — whether you are a SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BW customer or you have no BI solution at all — to gain clarity on how your business operates.

What do you get out of a 360° Assessment?

Our proven methodology executed in customers worldwide will provide you with a better understanding of how to increase the maturity of your BI environment to achieve better business results with optimal resources.

What does Clariba deliver?

  • SWOT Analysis for your BI environment

  • Quick wins and long-term roadmap in work

  • Recommendations for organizational alignment

  • Implementation plan

Sample 360° Assessment approach

360° Assessment for Analytics

Our 360° Assessment for Analytics is based on best practices and an in-depth review of your existing analytics environment. Whether your current system has any gaps or challenges, or you have a mix of different legacy systems that have accumulated over the years, Clariba will recommend a suitable roadmap at an optimal ROI towards a more secure, stable and efficient analytics environment for all your users and audiences. 

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360° Assessment for SAP BusinessObjects

Our 360° Assessment for SAP BusinessObjects customers is based on best practices and an in-depth review of your entire analytics environment. With Clariba's 14 years of experience in SAP BusinessObjects technology, our certified experts will be able to provide an in-depth analysis of your analytics environment and the roadmap towards a more secure, stable and efficient SAP BusinessObjects environment for all your users and audiences.

360° Assessment for SAP BW

Our 360° Assessment for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) customers addresses key challenges many SAP BW customers face today by analyzing the current system landscape, query performance challenges, data load issues and configuration / hardware bottlenecks. Our experts will review your situation and based on best practices along with Clariba’s experience provide you with the suitable roadmap towards a more well-performing SAP Business Warehouse environment.

360° Assessment for Analytics & Organizational Alignment

Many organizations fail to adopt analytics capabilities and drive tangible value from its investments in leading-edge analytics & EPM technologies. Our 360° Assessment for Analytics & Organizational Alignment focuses on your organization’s approach to analytics and its effectiveness in delivering actionable insight at every level of the organization. With our experience in many large enterprise scenarios, we analyze your current organizational structure, and interact with users and your IT organization to develop the most suitable organizational structure for successful analytics via a BI Competency Centre.

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