Analytics that unleash the power of collective insight

Using analytics tools to collect massive amounts of Big Data from your organization is one thing. Extracting meaning from that data and using it to drive real growth is another. Business analytics from SAP can help you unleash the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, agile visualizations, and advanced predictive analytics to all users — on any device or platform. 

Clariba are experts in business analytics technologies derived from its BI practice over the past 14 years and have proven experience in the implementation of business intelligence solutions for its clients. Team up with Clariba, SAP Gold Partner, and we will ensure we implement the right solution for your organization.


SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that offers business intelligence, planning, predictive, and GRC* (*Planned 2016) functionalities all in one place. Built natively on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, it helps companies overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos spread throughout the organization with enterprise-wide access to analytics and a consumer-grade user interface. 

  • One-stop-shop for all your business analytics needs delivered on in-memory HANA cloud platform that is capable of producing impressive visualizations for Business Intelligence users and unparalleled planning capabilities for company managers

  • Choose between keeping your data on premise or moving it to SAP’s secure HANA Cloud platform

  • Scalable solution that delivers business analytics to super users, analysts, and information consumers using an intuitive, consumer-grade interface

SAP Infinite Insight

With traditional predictive analytics, you can expect to spend a great deal of time on activities that are manual, repetitive, and prone to human error. SAP InfiniteInsight (formerly KXEN) has changed all that — automating most of the effort so that users can gain unprecedented customer insight and make forward-looking decisions with ease.

  • Make predictive analytics accessible to a broad spectrum of users in real operational environments

  • Automate data prep, predictive modeling, and deployment task

  • Build sophisticated predictive models in minutes or hours, not weeks or months

  • Scale for petabytes of Big Data and gain rapid insight from thousands of variables

  • Embed predictive analytics into your business apps, processes, information

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Create multi-dimensional dashboards and data visualizations for your BI apps to put timely, actionable information at your decision makers' fingertips.

  • Design scalable dashboards for your BI apps with interactive data visualizations

  • Create compelling, mobile dashboards with your SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA data

  • Leverage existing analyses by operating on SAP BEx queries, InfoCubes, and SAP HANA views

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Get instant access to clear, understandable metrics, so you can see your key performance indicators at glance and know what's driving your business.

  • Enable streaming real-time data for better decision making

  • Create dashboards from many data sources and publish them in user friendly outputs

  • Deploy and push adoption faster with intuitive visualizations and templates

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Explore your business at the speed of thought – with immediate and interactive discovery of relevant information.

  • Search all business intelligence sources and resources

  • Increase user autonomy with self-service discovery of relevant information

  • Uncover connections and trends with intuitive visualization tools

  • Add search and exploration functionality quickly for a rapid return on investment

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Answer new and evolving business questions with self-service ad-hoc reporting and analysis on the web, your desktop, or a mobile device.

  • Drill, slice-and-dice, and format information based on your business needs

  • Use simple drag-and-drop features to create interactive reports

  • Combine data from different sources to get answers to your business questions

  • Set-up data alerts so you are on top of the information that matters

  • Share trusted insights with business partners and customers

SAP Crystal Reports

Produce pixel-perfect reports that are clear and customizable – for business insight that is easy to understand and act on.

  • Improve report usability with guided interactivity

  • Ensure data input is perfectly translated with our powerful WYSIWYG environment

  • Embed reports easily into business applications and processes

  • Deliver reports on demand or in batches to millions of global users

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

Make it easy to discover and share insight with a business intelligence platform that gives you flexibility, scalability, and function.

  • Increase the range of data accessible to business users

  • Reduce IT workload with simplified maintenance and administration options

  • Integrate all enterprise data regardless of format or location

  • Centrally manage, control, and configure your BI deployment

SAP Businessobjects Location Intelligence

Combine location-based intelligence and geospatial data from sources such as ESRI GIS, with the core BI functions of SAP BusinessObjects Integration software.

  • Develop location intelligence by combining spatial data with reporting analytics

  • Add intuitive maps and advanced location analytics to your BI and dashboards

  • Visualize spatial relationships between assets, customers, employees, and vendors

  • Use geospatial data to monitor supply chains and assess market penetration

SAP Software Development Kit (SDK)

The software development kits (SDKs) enable SAP partners to adapt and expand the solution capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign and of SAP’s on-demand solutions. The development tools provided are presented in an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Develop, deploy and test specific add-on functionality

  • Create and integrate new business content, services, and user interfaces to provide complete micro-vertical business solutions

  • Have the same look and feel as the core systems and provide consistent user experience

SAP Lumira

Gain more value from your data assets with SAP Lumira, our best-in-class data visualization tool. Create engaging visualizations that combine data from multiple sources and make it easy for business users to analyze trends and make smarter decisions.

  • Accelerate time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way

  • Maximize business knowledge by blending big-picture insights with granular details

  • Uncover connections and trends in new and unexpected areas in your data

  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department’s workload

  • Leverage your BI platform to administer and secure visualizations and infographics

  • Analyze key metrics and uncover emerging trends at any time, on any device

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