Embedding Xcelsius dashboards in Dashboard Builder

If your goal is to build a balanced scorecard that is interactive and also secure, you can achieve this by embedding an existing Xcelsius dashboard in Dashboard Builder.

With Xcelsius you have the tools to design an interactive and user-friendly dashboard. And with Dashboard Builder you can build a well-structured scorecard and define which users or group can access it. So with the combination of both tools, you can create a dynamic, user-friendly scorecard which can be integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects XI security model.

How to integrate your Xcelsius dashboard in Dashboard Builder

  1. First, export your Xcelsius dashboard to the Business Objects Platform (i.e. your BusinessObjects Enterprise environment).

    Export to Business Objects Enterprise

  2. After exporting to the Business Objects Platform, you will see a login form where you can input the credentials (system name, user name, password and authentication).
  3. After this step, you will be asked to select the folder and name the file. At this point, a flash (.swf) file will be generated automatically and uploaded to BusinessObjects Enterprise.
  4. Now you can integrate the swf file into Dashboard Builder. From Dashboard Builder, create a new analytic, select the uploaded swf file and drag onto the analytic. The screenshot below illustrates this process.

    Integrating swf file into Business Objects Enterprise

The final image below illustrates the combination of the two tools. The top navigation menu was constructed in Dashboard Builder for easy navigation and the embedded dashboard was created in Xcelsius.

Integrating swf file into the balance scorecard

Clariba Launches Expert Business Intelligence Training

Clariba, a leader in end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy and SAP BusinessObjects services and solutions, recently launched an enhanced training program, to fill a knowledge gap in the market. Following extensive research, Clariba found that there was a need not only to raise the general level of awareness about Business Intelligence in the corporate world but also to address knowledge gaps within BI-enabled companies. Clariba has been training end-users of  SAP BusinessObjects for over seven years. Within the past year, Clariba has expanded both their training portfolio and their customer base in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Three key factors contributed to Clariba’s decision to launch an official training division: their proven history of successfully coaching customers and partners, their talented pool of experienced BI consultants and the high demand for end-to-end expert BI training tailored to the needs of the customer.

"Training is an essential part of any successful SAP BusinessObjects implementation and allows companies to develop a network of internal gurus for their BI Competency Centre. Clariba SAP BusinessObjects training addresses the full range of education needs for everyone from BI developers to system administrators to end users. Our mission is to offer more in-depth training than our competitors, with modules that span the complete BI spectrum and delve deeper into the complexity of the subject matter," explains , Marc Haberland, CEO and Managing Partner of Clariba.

Clariba surveyed more than 150 participants during 12 different training sessions in 2008/09 to determine customer satisfaction levels. Participants indicated that they were "extremely satisfied" with both the trainer’s technical knowledge and instructional competency. Additionally, 94% of respondents indicated an interest in attending follow up training sessions.

Georges Mouannes of Qatar Telecom in Doha, Qatar affirms, “The common training approach always presents a challenge as it is perceived as theory. The intelligent approach of Clariba completely changed this perception as the team who attended our three-day training received on the job coaching. The experienced trainer covered the SAP BusinessObjects topics in a very short time, concentrating on weak areas and enhancing the good skills. The training was so successful that the team was able to implement quick wins in daily operations and we had to start scheduling trainings for other team members the very next day.”

Clariba has a variety of training options for groups of users within the same company. Courses are offered at the customer’s office based on their schedule. For more information on Clariba education services, please visit http://www.clariba.com/technology/education.php  or email training@clariba.com.