PUIG delivers actionable insight for mobile, collaborative decision-making at the board-level

Top Management, executives and decision-makers at PUIG, a leading retailer of luxury fragrances and fashion products worldwide, are now using a Clariba developed advanced analytics solution for faster decision-making.

Time-to-market for delivering insights to top management – where data was previously manually consolidated from 3 tools and more than 5 different reporting packs – has been dramatically reduced thanks to the automation of data consolidation processes to a single source of truth and delivery of insights via an enterprise mobile APP.

With the comprehensive, mobile solution delivered by Clariba, executives can now analyse clearly defined key performance indicators across all business areas and collaborate in real-time.

Sample mobile & collaborative dashboards from Clariba

PUIG's road to success

Puig is a third-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona. The strength of Puig lies in its ability to build brands, to shape the image of brands through fashion, and to translate that same image into the world of fragrance through storytelling and product excellence.

The company’s strong performance has resulted in substantial growth and revenues of € 1,645 million in 2015. Puig success stories include a combination of owned brands such as Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Penhaligon's and L'Artisan Parfumeur, licenses such as Prada, Valentino and Comme des Garçons, and celebrity fragrances. Puig products are sold in more than 150 countries.


Aligned with the "Simplicity and Agility" initiative defined in PUIG’s global strategic plan, the objective of this project was to extend the use of BI & Analytics for better decision-making across all members of the management level. Given the required expertise, and upon recommendation by SAP Spain, PUIG selected Clariba for the development of a mobile analytical solution with following functional capabilities:

  • Real-time information with very fast access

  • Mobile & responsive user interface

  • Effortless and intuitive user experience

  • Covering information from the main corporate key areas and departments, including Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations

Previously, especially during financial closings, the company was using different reporting tools to deliver a large number of documents to top management making insights challenging. To simplify analytical processes, improve user experience with real-time insights while at the same time optimizing cost, the project started with the following objectives:

  • Broaden the usage of advanced analytics to all management executives

  • Reduce time spent on reporting tasks and documents during closing periods

  • Reduce time-to-market for delivery of data to top management, facilitating faster insight-to-decision-to-action

  • Reduction of data complexity, building a unified, secure, multi-access source of truth

  • Standardise towards a common language at the top management level with concise KPI definitions

Building a solid data foundation

To accomplish the goals set by the project sponsor, PUIG and the Clariba team initiated critical preparation tasks typical for any analytics project prior to the actual implementation of business dashboards:

  • Standardization of processes and KPI definitions across all key depart­ments

KPI Library_preview.png


  • Review of data quality, data cleansing and data governance processes

  • Definition of new core performance metrics allowing for faster evaluation of company performance

With this foundation in place, the team was ready to start the project.

Clariba ACT-IN Framework

With Clariba’s experience gained during more than 17 years of successful delivery of SAP based analytics solutions across different industries, Clariba combines its practices in an end-to-end process methodology and technology framework – the Clariba ACT-IN framework to deliver customers reliable and state-of-the-art analytics solutions.


By applying the ACT-IN framework which unifies development objects, visualizations, good practices, data connectors and a unique user-centred design (UCD), in an agile development process, PUIG and Clariba were able to execute the project on time and with the expected outcome defined as objectives of the project.

Agile - SCRUM methodology was chosen in order to ensure alignment with user’s needs, and small sprints with continuous deliverables ensured the project’s outcomes were continuously tracked and validated.



The implemented technology stack included as key components:

  • SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP3

  • SAP BW on HANA 7.3

  • SAP BusinessObjects DataServices Integration Kit

The Result

A collaborative, multi-device analytics environment offering a unified source of truth, and a common language throughout all business areas

Management executives are now using a mobile, advanced analytics solution for their decision-making on the go, while sharing insights and collaborating

Time spent on manual, resource intensive reporting and data consolidation tasks during closing periods has been reduced to practically zero, increasing time-to-market for delivering insights to top management

Data complexity has been optimized with a unified, secure and multi-access source of truth, and a common language across all business areas has been defined

Our project was able to count on a team of highly motivated and experienced consultants from Clariba to deliver a stellar, leading-edge solution. What’s more, the Clariba team integrated well with our technical and business teams ensuring a flexible, agile implementation approach to deliver on time to our senior executives.

With the solution designed and optimised for mobile devices we have been able to ensure rapid end-user adoption and deliver a major success for the board at PUIG.”
— Xavier Escribano - BI Technology Director