Powering vital public services with actionable insight - a success story


Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) was established in 1999 to cater the needs of electricity and potable water for the population of the Northern Emirates. The company develops the necessary infrastructure to fulfill the growing demand in the emirates under FEWA’s jurisdiction, and rationalizes the usage of electricity and water to promote sustainable development.


The management at FEWA needs to constantly find a balance between 3 pillars: excellence of service to reduce supply breakdowns to the minimum, financial efficiency to guarantee both transparency to consumers and economic health, and sustainability to ensure a future with less dependency on external supplies of energy, water and workforce.

To successfully deliver on its roadmap, FEWA embarked on a digital transformation journey, moving towards becoming a data-driven organization, and selected Clariba to help integrate vast amounts of scattered data from multiple sources with the objective to achieve actionable insights. Thanks to the solution delivered by Clariba, executives at FEWA now have a clear perspective on the fulfillment of their corporate objectives — decisions are now based on meaningful and reliable insights.


Deploy an advanced analytics solution capable of providing executives at FEWA with a trusted, reliable and insightful view of key performance indicators for its 3 corporate pillars: excellence, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Excellence — measure and analyze the quality of service delivered to customers.

  • Efficiency — provide a perspective on financial health, insights on billing accuracy and efficiency on receivables.

  • Sustainability — demonstrate the continued path towards reduction in waste, air emissions and energy while sourcing alternative energy sources and reducing consumption.


With these clear objectives defined, Clariba and the FEWA team analyzed the existing organizational structure and interacted with business users and the IT organization to build a joint team capable of deploying a successful analytics project.

The project team then performed a 360° BI assessment to analyze the existing infrastructure and its effectiveness in delivering actionable insight at every level of the organization. With this foundation in place, the implementation consisted of 3 phases:

  1. Deployment of a central SAP Business Warehouse, leveraging Clariba’s experience in many similar large enterprise scenarios, where data is scattered and isolated in several areas, to build a reliable and trustable, unique source of truth.

  2.  Development of insightful analytics and management dashboards using Clariba’s Visualization Framework, an agile SCRUM-type development methodology and practice. A select team of business users, consultants and IT profiles worked together to define meaningful KPI’s and visualizations capable of offering relevant business insights for each pillar.

  3.  Transfer of knowledge to the FEWA business team and IT team to ensure not only the enterprise-wide adoption, but also prepare for future predictive and prescriptive analytics use cases and processes, with additional big data and machine learning scenarios.



With Clariba’s experience gained during more than 18 years of successful delivery of SAP-based analytics solutions across different industries, Clariba combines its practices in an end-to-end process methodology and technology framework — the Clariba act·in | framework to deliver customers reliable and state-of-the-art analytics solutions.

By applying the Clariba act·in | framework which unifies development objects, visualizations, good practices, data connectors and a unique user-centred design (UCD), in an agile development process, FEWA and Clariba executed the project on time and with the expected outcome defined as objectives of the project.


Agile - SCRUM methodology was chosen to ensure alignment with users’ needs, and small sprints with continuous deliverables ensured the project’s outcomes were continuously tracked and validated.


The implemented technology stack included as key components:

  •  SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP3

  •  SAP HANA Database 2.0

  •  SAP BW on HANA 7.5

  •  SAP Data Services 4.1


THE RESULT – Tracking Corporate Goals

With the analytics solution in place, analysing and tracking progress towards corporate goals grouped in the 3 pillars is now more effective than ever for the FEWA team. They are aware of and aligned with corporate goals, and take immediate action to fix any issue that could compromise meeting targets.

The advanced analytics solution delivered by Clariba provides a single source of truth for the entire organization and a clear view of key performance indicators throughout the business.

With this critical foundation in place, FEWA is now ready to move forward to the next level of analytics, including predictive and prescriptive technologies, which will bring countless possibilities to this exceptional institution to deliver excellent, efficient and sustainable services to its citizens.

We have been working closely with Clariba and we fully appreciate their professionalism and reactivity. The Clariba team is always there to go the extra mile for us. The delivered solution saves my team a lot of time and allows our executives to monitor performance and react quickly to any underperforming KPI.

With this solution we can now better understand evolving trends, assess the impact of change and monitor performance issues. Now we feel ready to undertake our ambitious digital transformation journey of our business processes and provide our customers with an even better service.”
— Shaikha Murad Abdulla Karam AlBlooshi Director Revenue & Credit - FEWA