Cloud computing - the SME favorite at SAPPHIRE NOW

Responding quickly to change is not just a competitive advantage anymore, its a survival requirement. A very common assumption is that small businesses are often more agile than large enterprises. However, small companies can find themselves stuck in the middle of long, resource-consuming IT projects when they try to put new solution s in place to support their growth. When you don´t have a vast specialized IT team for implementation or unlimited hardware and software budgets, every purchase has to be carefully considered. Although Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be benefiting to companies of all sizes, the advantages for the small business is particularly appealing. It comes as no surprise that cloud computing adoption among SMEs is booming. SaaS is available on a subscription basis, and it allows enterprise-level applications to be deployed quickly and without  the need for hardware capital or on-premise licenses, and because of the concept of the Cloud, you can tap into economies of scale. The best part is that you can scale up or down to tend to your needs and upgrades and patches don't have to be done by your IT staff, which can now focus on vital IT business strategy. SAP’s OnDemand applications can be delivered in as little as 48 hours, so you can have it up and running in weeks.

At SAPPHIRE NOW’s Cloud Campus you can discover SAP’s cloud solutions, no matter what aspect of your business you are looking to attend to. SAP’s cloud solutions enable you to be competitive even when it comes to bigger corporations, as you will have access to the same technologies they do, and will get the insight you need to make fast, information-based decisions to take you to the head of the game.

At Clariba we understand the need that companies have for rapid solutions to their business problems, and we have been working with pre-packaged solutions as well as on demand, as this makes top notch BI solutions easily accessible, no matter the size of your cpmpany. If you cannot come to SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid this year, contact us at for more information on how we can help your company become more competitive. You can also check the SAPPHIRE NOW Cloud Blog for news and updates on this topic. You can also follow the Industry blog and the Services blog for more specific news.