Find out the benefits of Enterprise Mobility at SAPPHIRE NOW

Old news: we all know mobile devices nowadays mean a lot more than just a device for making calls. People are using their smart phones and tablets as a way to research, buy, sell, connect with people, well interact in a series of ways in their personal life. This phenomenon is now starting to move to the workplace too. In fact, mobiles are  becoming the preferred way of consuming business information regardless if they are outside or inside the office. Not only companies are seeing a boost in productivity, but they are also realizing that mobile innovation is helping companies streamline business processes due to up-to-the-minute, highly detailed information that enables decisive action in situations where this was impossible previously. Workers can make fact-based decisions, avoiding problems or seizing opportunities in the moment, in ways that traditional desktop applications simply can’t support.

All is well... well... there´s a challenge: to deliver a secure, joined-up mobile strategy that can make “anytime, anywhere” a reality for your business processes. This must also take into account the variety of mobile devices and operating systems in concurrent use, and most of all, ensure company data is secure at all times.

At SAPPHIRE NOW’s dedicated Mobile Campus you can find everything you need to start from SAP´s business-grade apps for management, sales, service, transaction and much more on the go. You will also see SAP’s device management solution, development platform and mobile strategy so that you get an idea of how the whole picture would look. But it´s not about seeing, you will also be able to test these technologies hands-on. This is a great opportunity to get to grips with all the possibilities that mobile solutions can bring to your business: increase productive, improve service, accelerate processes and bring greater flexibility to employees and customers, such as the Standard Bank South Africa has done by unwiring their customers.

If your not at SAPPHIRE NOW this week, you can contact Clariba at to meet with one of our consultants to learn more about enterprise mobility solutions, such as the one we are developing for Arab Business Machines, which will deliver mobile BI on their iPads for insights no matter where employees are. You can also follow the SAPPHIRE NOW Mobile Blog to follow what is happening at the event and get more information around Enterprise Mobility.