Clariba is named winner of the SAP Innovation Award and SAP Quality Excellence Award

Clariba is named winner of the SAP Innovation Award and SAP Quality Excellence Award

Clariba, a leading data-driven digital transformation solutions SAP partner based in Europe and the Middle East received two highly acclaimed awards at the SAP Summit 2019 in Dubai, UAE. “We are honored to be the winner of the SAP Best Intelligent Platform Partner 2019 in the Middle East. This award showcases the strength of our innovative work for clients in partnership with SAP”, says Marc Haberland, Founder & Group CEO, Clariba. “To also receive the SAP Quality Excellence Award is a great achievement and testament to the outstanding work the entire Clariba team delivers on a daily basis to enterprise customers,” he adds.

Integrating legacy systems into your enterprise data modeling and stewarding processes with SAP Information Steward

Integrating legacy systems into your enterprise data modeling and stewarding processes with SAP Information Steward

Organizations continue to use their old legacy systems for many reasons, such as them working just fine, the time and money required for redesigning them, poor knowledge of their structure or system, or outdated or total lack of documentation.

These systems may become then data silos with an unclear structure, difficulting data traceability, data quality improvement and error fixing. Moreover, many of these systems are not supported by newer software tools for data traceability, impeding organizations to get a full view of their data.

In this article we’re going to explore the benefits of connecting two SAP® tools, SAP® PowerDesigner and SAP® Information Steward on a test environment performed at Clariba.

Data is the new gold – Have you measured the impact of bad data in your organisation? Here’s how…

Data is the new gold – Have you measured the impact of bad data in your organisation? Here’s how…

With data being the new gold of the digital transformation era, the cost impact of data quality is becoming more and more relevant. In today’s world data is used for decision making across the entire organization. Are companies aware of the economic impact data quality problems can have on their business?

This article will show you how: By leveraging an enterprise solution, SAP Information Steward and applying a lean methodology Six Sigma, we can offer companies clear evidence of their data quality, the economic impact their business is suffering from quality issues and, even more important, the right tools to minimize this cost.

Aspire Academy Enables Sports Talent with SAP and Clariba

SAP's Digital Boardroom presenting Sports Analytics powered by SAP and Clariba. Photo by Stefan Wagner (@Stefan_Wag) SAP

SAP's Digital Boardroom presenting Sports Analytics powered by SAP and Clariba. Photo by Stefan Wagner (@Stefan_Wag) SAP

Rising from the desert, Aspire Academy is a symbol of Qatar’s ambition in sports. Boasting coaches and sports scientists from around the globe and housed in some of the best training facilities in the world, Aspire Academy exists to develop sporting champions.

In June 2016, Aspire Academy and SAP announced an historic agreement in Doha, Qatar. This strategic partnership stands for a strong commitment between a global leading technology company and a knowledge-driven youth athlete academy with Aspire Academy becoming the ‘Strategic Sports Partner’ for SAP and SAP in the role of ‘Strategic Technology Partner’ of Aspire Academy.

The alliance aims to deliver a significant contribution not only to Aspire and SAP but also to the world of sports with a special focus on young athletes’ and team development by innovating in sports performance data management and analytics. The premise is to utilize performance data in new ways to unlock innovative approaches in developing sporting talent, starting at the sub-elite level.

Since its start in 2004, Aspire has invested in numerous performance and science technologies. In any given week, the number of data points added to the information ecosystem from matches, training sessions, assessments and more, is substantial.

Allowing coaches, sports scientists and management to tap into this valuable sports performance data in real-time, and providing them with a self-service analytics capability across all data sources became a critical requirement for Aspire Academy. In addition, engaging Aspire’s high school age student-athletes with visually appealing and motivating information by bringing together information from sources from inside and outside of the organization was a critical success factor. They also applied for sport results and performance planning data, medical, sports science and academics input, as well as data from the clubs, leagues and federations of the sports to which they belong.

Underlined by SAP’s principle to Run Simple, and thanks to the in-memory technology platform SAP HANA and the company’s analytics portfolio, a first step was to integrate the rich data sources of Aspire’s operating environment. In co-innovation with Aspire Academy, SAP and Clariba – an independent Big Data analytics consultancy based in Europe and the Middle East – the team developed Aspire’s Football Performance Analytics solution that provides the necessary analytical capabilities to the Academy allowing it to develop one of the world’s smallest talent pools and deliver on the State of Qatar’s global sporting ambitions.

Leveraging Aspire Academy’s expertise in driving sport performance, and equipped with the latest technology powered by SAP and Clariba, coaches can now analyze team and player performance right on the pitch. With the Football Performance Analytics solution, coaches now have access to all performance data around match analysis, training, individual player development and even video analysis on one single, easy-to-use iPad application.

The team at Aspire is currently working on finalizing its world leading Football Performance Center, to be inaugurated in summer 2017. For this prestigious project, Aspire Academy will be bringing together the most advanced technologies and are thinking toward leveraging SAP Digital Boardroom to provide interactive player assessment analytics.

At the recent Aspire Academy Global Summit 2016, Stefan Wagner, SAP’s global manager for Sports & Entertainment, and Luca Spinelli, general manager of Clariba in Qatar, presented the latest insights of the collaboration with Aspire Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The joint presentation to Aspire’s fellows from across the world outlined the importance of the integration and connection to multiple data sources — such as GPS data from training sessions, match data from external providers, or club-internal information — in order for today’s clubs and associations to achieve a competitive edge.

With a small talent pool and high global expectations Aspire is forced to develop competitive advantage in different ways than leading sport nations with a strong sports culture and ready access to talent can do today. In partnership with SAP and Clariba, Aspire Academy is now more than ever striving to become the world’s leading academy with the objective to enable the best coaching and performance decisions.

The original press release published by SAP can be found here.

How to present SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence dashboards in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Recently, we received a request from a customer to have printable dashboards where they could present dashboards as Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentations and circulate around the company for each reporting cycle. Find out how.

SAP Fiori UX - Why it is a renewed user experience?

I have recently had the great opportunity of being involved in a couple of SAP Fiori UX projects with different customers, and I am going to share some insights about it.

SAP's last movements have undoubtedly been moving towards applying a renewed UX (User Experience) in its products and strategy. The main issue of many of companies nowadays is complexity; it raises costs across organizations, slowing companies growing their businesses. The main message is clear, keep it simple.

Have you encountered the migration bug for SAP BusinessObjects (BO) BI Platform 4.x?

When trying to upgrade your SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence (BI) Platform from XI3.1 to 4.0 or greater and migrate your Windows AD Users and Groups, you will notice that they were migrated with Copy (1) in their name. 

The resolution provided by SAP in this case is to manually rename the Users and Groups.
This is fine if you have up to 50 objects to rename; but in general this is not the case, so you will want an automated solution (unless you want to waste some good hours).

Now the question is: How you can create an automated solution? There is a simple answer: by taking advantage of the Platform SDK.

Clariba receives certification for SAP recognized expertise in business intelligence and SAP HANA

Based on Clariba’s specific expertise and successful completion of all requirements of the SAP® Recognized Expertise Program, Clariba Consulting Middle East has been granted the SAP Recognized Expertise designation in SAP HANA® and Business Intelligence.

Clariba’s Findings: Choosing the right tool for geographical analysis

Building geographical information on top of maps is a topic that is becoming trendier and trendier and this is where big investments from companies are focusing on during this and coming years. We all have seen an explosion of public geo-information brought to our mobile devices and consumers at corporations are asking themselves why they cannot have that same flashy stuff with their corporate information being shown on a map, either on mobile or on desktops. We have researched across most of the SAP BI modules and also some competition and analysed the features that one or another can offer; you can find below the results of this benchmark study.

More and more SAP products integrate "R" as data processing, statistical modeling language of choice

More and more SAP products integrate "R" as data processing, statistical modeling language of choice. Acquiring R expressiveness in our skill set is now a strategic achievement in the BI sector, so Clariba has composed a list of resources available on the Internet for auto-training in R skills.