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Ontime Delivery of Stationary to Students across the Kingdom

Ontime Delivery of Stationary to Students across the Kingdom

Established in 1983, Al Khairat is a privately-owned company and one of the leading suppliers of premium stationery and toys in Saudi Arabia.  With a full-fledged sales and logistics network covering most of Saudi territories, Al Khairat is keen to promptly serve its customers with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Every September, with the beginning of a new school year, the management team at Al-Khairat faces the challenge of efficiently delivering a huge number of stationery products through its distribution network to children and students across the kingdom. 

With such a peak seasonal demand, real-time information across the supply chain with up-to-date information on stock, replenishment forecasts and sales is crucial. Al Khairat embarked on a digital transformation journey which Clariba with the objective to develop a state-of-the-art solution, allowing them to react quickly and ensure all students are perfectly equipped for the school year to begin. Thanks to the solution delivered by Clariba, the students - future Saudi engineers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and artists can rely on Al-Khairat to timely equip them with what they need to become the best-in-class from day one.

GMG Raises Supply Chain Performance to New Levels with Next Generation Distribution Center

GMG Raises Supply Chain Performance to New Levels with Next Generation Distribution Center

The SAP EWM solution delivered by Clariba in under 8 months fully automates more than 15 inbound, outbound, cross-docking and other core processes.

The end-to-end integration of SAP EWM to the Schaefer Conveyor Transport System and the pick to light system from Knapp, ensures that GMG’s warehouse team can now be more effective than ever to satisfy the many inbound and outbound shipments that are processed every single day at the distribution centre.

With this highly effective warehouse management solution in place, GMG can now execute high-volume warehouse operations and manage complex supply chain logistics – delivering the ultimate in visibility and control to satisfy customers across the GCC.

Delivering seamless integration across the real estate value chain

Delivering seamless integration across the real estate value chain

The advanced analytics solution delivered by Clariba has saved thousands of hours of manual work for Servihabitat. Data consolidation processes, which previously required 2 weeks of manual work, are now fully automated, and Servihabitat’s tier 1 customers are receiving the best possible service.

After this critical success, Servihabitat is now extending the solution to its entire customer base, providing them with an unparalleled real-time service, not seen in this industry before.

Clariba and Servihabitat have become agents of value in the real estate industry by not only creating internal efficiencies, but also automating mass delivery of information through the value chain.

Powering vital public services with actionable insight - a success story

To successfully deliver on its roadmap, FEWA embarked on a digital transformation journey, moving towards becoming a data-driven organization, and selected Clariba to help integrate vast amounts of scattered data from multiple sources with the objective to achieve actionable insights. Thanks to the solution delivered by Clariba, execu-tives at FEWA now have a clear perspective on the fulfillment of their corporate objectives — decisions are now based on meaningful and reliable insights.

PUIG delivers actionable insight for mobile, collaborative decision-making at the board-level

Top Management, executives and decision-makers at PUIG, a leading retailer of luxury fragrances and fashion products worldwide, are now using a Clariba developed advanced analytics solution for faster decision-making.
With the comprehensive, mobile solution delivered by Clariba, executives can now analyse clearly defined key performance indicators across all business areas and collaborate in real-time.

Shaker Group boosts its decision-making processes with the first SAP Digital Boardroom in Saudi Arabia

Shaker Group boosts its decision-making processes with the first SAP Digital Boardroom in Saudi Arabia

Board members, executives and decision makers at Shaker Group — a leading air condition and home appliances distributor in Saudi Arabia — are now taking active, live decisions with SAP Digital Boardroom. Where previously time-consuming static reports were compiled and consolidated, SAP’s Digital Boardroom solution, implemented by Clariba, now offers key decision makers a real-time view of all company operations across all lines of business.
This comprehensive view now enables the team at Shaker Group to analyse trends and achieve insights in real-time, at a granular view, across multiple screens and mobile devices — taking their decision-making process to the next level.

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company with Clariba, recognized by SAP

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company with Clariba, recognized by SAP

At GITEX Technology Week, on Tuesday, 10 October, SAP will recognize the UAE winners of the SAP MENA Quality Awards, presented to the region’s most innovative customer deployments. At the event, best practices will be shared with the global audience.

Aspire Academy Enables Sports Talent with SAP and Clariba

SAP's Digital Boardroom presenting Sports Analytics powered by SAP and Clariba. Photo by Stefan Wagner (@Stefan_Wag) SAP

SAP's Digital Boardroom presenting Sports Analytics powered by SAP and Clariba. Photo by Stefan Wagner (@Stefan_Wag) SAP

Rising from the desert, Aspire Academy is a symbol of Qatar’s ambition in sports. Boasting coaches and sports scientists from around the globe and housed in some of the best training facilities in the world, Aspire Academy exists to develop sporting champions.

In June 2016, Aspire Academy and SAP announced an historic agreement in Doha, Qatar. This strategic partnership stands for a strong commitment between a global leading technology company and a knowledge-driven youth athlete academy with Aspire Academy becoming the ‘Strategic Sports Partner’ for SAP and SAP in the role of ‘Strategic Technology Partner’ of Aspire Academy.

The alliance aims to deliver a significant contribution not only to Aspire and SAP but also to the world of sports with a special focus on young athletes’ and team development by innovating in sports performance data management and analytics. The premise is to utilize performance data in new ways to unlock innovative approaches in developing sporting talent, starting at the sub-elite level.

Since its start in 2004, Aspire has invested in numerous performance and science technologies. In any given week, the number of data points added to the information ecosystem from matches, training sessions, assessments and more, is substantial.

Allowing coaches, sports scientists and management to tap into this valuable sports performance data in real-time, and providing them with a self-service analytics capability across all data sources became a critical requirement for Aspire Academy. In addition, engaging Aspire’s high school age student-athletes with visually appealing and motivating information by bringing together information from sources from inside and outside of the organization was a critical success factor. They also applied for sport results and performance planning data, medical, sports science and academics input, as well as data from the clubs, leagues and federations of the sports to which they belong.

Underlined by SAP’s principle to Run Simple, and thanks to the in-memory technology platform SAP HANA and the company’s analytics portfolio, a first step was to integrate the rich data sources of Aspire’s operating environment. In co-innovation with Aspire Academy, SAP and Clariba – an independent Big Data analytics consultancy based in Europe and the Middle East – the team developed Aspire’s Football Performance Analytics solution that provides the necessary analytical capabilities to the Academy allowing it to develop one of the world’s smallest talent pools and deliver on the State of Qatar’s global sporting ambitions.

Leveraging Aspire Academy’s expertise in driving sport performance, and equipped with the latest technology powered by SAP and Clariba, coaches can now analyze team and player performance right on the pitch. With the Football Performance Analytics solution, coaches now have access to all performance data around match analysis, training, individual player development and even video analysis on one single, easy-to-use iPad application.

The team at Aspire is currently working on finalizing its world leading Football Performance Center, to be inaugurated in summer 2017. For this prestigious project, Aspire Academy will be bringing together the most advanced technologies and are thinking toward leveraging SAP Digital Boardroom to provide interactive player assessment analytics.

At the recent Aspire Academy Global Summit 2016, Stefan Wagner, SAP’s global manager for Sports & Entertainment, and Luca Spinelli, general manager of Clariba in Qatar, presented the latest insights of the collaboration with Aspire Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The joint presentation to Aspire’s fellows from across the world outlined the importance of the integration and connection to multiple data sources — such as GPS data from training sessions, match data from external providers, or club-internal information — in order for today’s clubs and associations to achieve a competitive edge.

With a small talent pool and high global expectations Aspire is forced to develop competitive advantage in different ways than leading sport nations with a strong sports culture and ready access to talent can do today. In partnership with SAP and Clariba, Aspire Academy is now more than ever striving to become the world’s leading academy with the objective to enable the best coaching and performance decisions.

The original press release published by SAP can be found here.

SAP awards Clariba as Best Local Analytics Partner

The passion of our people, our experience in business analytics implementations, and our relentless drive to learn and certify our capabilities — combined with the acquired knowledge from 15+ years of exciting customer projects — are the basis of our expertise.

Clariba is being recognized by SAP MENA for delivering innovative, reliable and high-quality business analytics solutions to our customers, providing them with clarity and actionable insight to improve their business performance.

Celebrate this great achievement with us and reach out – you’re dealing with the BEST!

Clariba Selected as a Finalist in the People and Culture of the Year Award Category for the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2015

Clariba — an independent, analytics consultancy based in Dubai — is named a finalist in the People and Culture of the Year Award category for the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2015.

The awards are organised by MEED, which partnered with Gulf Capital four years ago as the headline sponsor, to recognise the UAE’s SMEs, business leaders and entrepreneurs for innovation, growth and success.