Gain Powerful Analysis for Financial Management with Clariba Finance Central

Clariba is pleased to announce the release of the Clariba Finance Central demo, which highlights our latest financial management solution powered by SAP BusinessObjects. This BI solution was developed for one of our telco customers but is applicable to any corporate finance department in any industry.

The customer challenge that lead Clariba to develop this financal management solution was two-fold. From an IT perspective, the team spent 2 business days each month downloading information from the Hyperion Financial database and manipulating the data with other spreadsheets to create a set of graphs and tables. These graphs/tables were then copied and pasted in to a PowerPoint for the monthly management pack. The challenge from the business perspective was that the CFO had to wait several days for the information to be prepared and the overall reporting process lacked visual analysis capabilities.

Based on these challenges our customer wanted to consolidate their financial information and access it easily, gain better analysis capabilities (mainly to do with enhancing the visual components and enabling easy comparisons), and automate the financial reporting process to reduce monthly manual efforts and decrease errors. As a result Clariba developed centralized financial information in an easy-to-use dashboard allowing for extended analysis in a highly visual format.

"The Finance Central solution is completely automated, user-friendly and standardized, providing actionable insight to business users of all levels, including the CFO, and it can be adapted to any data source," comments Marc Haberland, CEO and Managing Partner of Clariba.

Clariba Finance Central was developed using several tools in the SAP BusinessObjects stack including: Data Integrator (to consolidate and aggregate the required KPIs in a finance datamart), BusinessObjects universe (with Query as a Web Service) and Xcelsius (for the interactive dashboard).

For more information about the Clariba Finance Central solution or our customized solutions for a variety of industries and functional areas, we invite you to contact us at