What top BI and analytics trends and predictions in 2014 to watch out for?

BI and data analytics are hitting the top trend and prediction lists in 2014 and beyond. We have highlighted our top 4 analytics trends from these lists.

Many online publications and analysts have recently published their top technology trends and predictions in 2014 and business intelligence, big data and data analytics are topping the list.  They are singing to the same tune as us! I recently wrote an article called Analytics Like Never Before and I shared my insights on the trends of data analytics in the Gulf region andI predicted that the revolutionary wave that is currently happening in the BI and analytics market will not stop. The winners shall be those organisations that seize the opportunity to re-imagine their business to drive competitiveness and profitability.

Here’s our top four BI and analytics trends to take note:

1. The business takes ownership of process and intelligence.

Forbes.com summarized Forrester’s list: Technology Trends To Watch: 2014 To 2016 and the number 4 trend is The business takes ownership of process and intelligence. In the list, Forrester highlights that IT is losing its control over business intelligence platforms, tools, and applications often due to IT’s inability to operate at the increased pace of the business.

2.Businesses get proactive by leveraging customer data.

CIO.com lists 12 Big Data Predictions for 2014 and looks at 12 ways the technology and the market will evolve in the coming year and we have highlighted number 4: Businesses get proactive by leveraging customer data. Cio.com states, “Companies are going to get serious about leveraging the digital breadcrumb trail customers leave as they interact with products and services online, according to Gainsight. To get there, data analytics have to drive beyond the BI team to provide business value throughout the company. ” We already see companies such as Spinney’s, a large supermarket retail chain in Dubai, unleashing the power of their customer data. Read more about Spinney’s.

3. Big data and analytics get real.

Baselinemag.com published their perspective on the 6 Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2014. They stated, “the (data analytics) technology is now advancing at a rapid pace and, thanks in part to clouds, better ways to extract data and next-gen analytics tools, organizations are able to transform a growing mountain of data (including unstructured data) into knowledge.”

4.Only 40% of CIOs will rise to produce business-enhancing insights from big data and analytics.

International Data Corporation (IDC) hosted a webinar “IDC 2014 Predictions: CIO Agenda - Embracing 3rd Platform Leadership Challenges as IT Transitions from Technology to Service Delivery”, highlighting the top 10 market predictions for the year ahead. And big data and analytics made the list at number 2: Before 2017, only 40% of CIOs will rise to produce business-enhancing insights from big data and analytics. To read and replay the webinar, go here.

“Analytics like never before” is a theme used by a BI expert, Timo Elliott. I couldn’t agree more and we will see it take off in 2014 and beyond. Happy New Year!


Marc Haberland is the Managing Director of Clariba. Marc has more than 15 years experience in Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, strategy management and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) across telecommunication, education, healthcare, manufacturing, banking and public sectors. Marc leads a team of 30+ BI and analytics experts who deliver innovative, reliable and high-quality business analytics solutions, providing its customers with clarity and actionable insight to improve their business performance.

As an industry thought leader, Marc shares his insights on hot topics and trends through various speaker engagements, publications, discussion groups and his company blog.