Connecting SAP BW and BusinessObjects Data Integrator for data extraction

In follow up to my blog article on July 7, I would like to share some insight for connecting SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator for the purposes of data extraction.   

 The problem that I encountered was that I could not connect my BODS to SAP BW. The connection was correctly created into the Management console of Data Integrator but the start up was always failing. 

After what seemed like hundreds of tests and commands from the cmd, I found the solution: the services file contained in the same path as the host file (windows/system32/drivers/etc) requires a small change:

  1. You need to add the following string SAPGWxx  33xx/tcp where xx is the system number of your SAP connection.
  2. Then here I also configured the sapjco3.jar that is stored in tomcat (you will find it with an easy search in the folder) in the Tomcat CLASSPATH as per the previous topic posted on July 7.

To start the service I used a command from the cmd in the location: Drive:Business ObjectsBusiness Objects Data Servicesbin: RfcSvr -aRFC_ProgramID -g/H/ip or name of the SAP Application Server name/S/33xx -xsapgwxx   RfcSvr is the .exe file that starts the DI processes. If you want to know more details regarding this command, the best way is to do a quick search in Google.

After following the steps above, everything should work fine. At this point, you can use BW cubes as your data source in Data Integrator.

If you have any questions or feedback to add to this quick solution, please feel free to leave a comment below.