SSM 10.1 is now available

The SAP Strategy Management (SSM) version 10.1 is now available for customers. Here is a quick list of new features and benefits of the new release.

SAP Strategy Management 10.1 - Arabic

SAP Strategy Management 10.1 - Arabic

  • Arabic language is now supported (great news for public sector companies in the middle east)

  • HTML 5 is now applied instead of flash

    • This means more flexibility on screen customization

    • Mobility is now much more easily achieved than before

    • Cause & Effect tab now gives a better idea of the concept with mindmap style graphs rather than blocks/tables that were difficult to understand

    • Improved ad-hoc reporting capabilities on top of SSM models

As soon as SAP starts sending out documentation on the new release, we will update the post to add any missing features.

If you have any questions or comments about SSM, please leave a comment below.