Clariba & Spinneys SAP HANA success featured in Arabian Computer News

We at Clariba are ecstatic to have our SAP HANA implementation success story at Spinneys Dubai supermarket mentioned in the October issue of Arabian Computer News. The article “Unlocking the potential of HANA” features Dr. Vishal Sikka, Executive Board Member & head of technology and innovation at SAP. Vishal talks about why SAP HANA was created and how SAP is bringing it to the market. Look for our story in the "HANA early adopters in the Middle East" section.

The in-memory database SAP HANA and SAP's real-time data platform are allowing Spinneys and other Clariba customers to achieve better results, streamline operations and lead the way with customer-focused innovations.

Read the full article here: Unlocking the potential of HANA_Arabian Computer News