Picis Implements FastTrack BI for Better Customer Insight

Picis, the leading worldwide provider of information systems for surgery, emergency department and intensive care units across the hospital enterprise, recently implemented Clariba's FastTrack Business Intelligence (BI) for Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM). FastTrack BI is a comprehensive end-user reporting environment based on the Business Objects platform, which allows Picis to easily tap into the wealth of customer information stored in their CRM system from Siebel.

"We have recently implemented a best-of-class CRM system allowing us to track all customer interactions with the objective to better serve our customers with an even more focused approach," says Kevin Pettet, executive vice president of client operations, Picis. "With Clariba's FastTrack BI solution we are now able to better analyze our data, segment our customers, measure the ROI of our marketing initiatives and provide an automated and rolled-up sales forecast. This capability will allow us to be more competitive, offer better service to our customers and provide a faster response to changing market conditions."

By providing FastTrack BI for Siebel CRM, Clariba enables its customers to effortlessly extract the vital information contained in their CRM systems by using a Clariba developed Business Objects Universe. FastTrack BI is easy to deploy, flexible, user-friendly and allows business users to report and analyze Siebel Systems CRM data in a language they can easily understand in real-time and without the need for a costly data warehouse.

"CRM systems are a source of fertile information but unfortunately, this dimension of CRM systems is overlooked in most companies - as a consequence, this key competitive advantage and business benefit is lost," says Marc Haberland, Funder and Managing Partner, Clariba. "Picis stands out from other companies by investing in a comprehensive business intelligence solution that will provide immediate benefits to the decision makers and executives throughout their enterprise."