Successful Change with SAP Business Intelligence

The pace of change, specially due to the rapid deployment of new technology is growing at an incredible pace. For businesses to remain competitive, they need to keep up with these changes almost constantly, it can come from an expansion, restructuring, merger and acquisition, regulatory compliance and more. SAP Business Intelligence Solutions unveils key concepts and processes that are vital to the planning and execution of successful change strategies.  Being aware of happens in your business can optimize organizational change and smooth and speed the transition periods.

Take the example of Doha Bank, when they had to adapt to a new mandate from the Central Bank of Qatar to report key balance-sheet figures on a monthly basis. The timeline was tight and the requirements complex, with the pressure of punitive fines for the non-compliant.

The internal financial reporting was previously done manually, and data required for the monthly reports was spread across several sources. After an intensive process of data cleansing and consolidation, the Bank went for a SAP Business Intelligence solution called Web Intelligence, which allowed for the reports to be produced automatically, in a timely and error-free manner.

Although we used the example of a big organization, these solutions can also be adopted by the SME. SMEs use their speed of action as competitive advantage to remain in the game with the big players, and they have to constantly adapt to change, be it in the market, in their organization or in their business model. If you wish to know how SMEs can benefit from SAP solutions, read the top 10 Reasons SMEs choose SAP.

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