LiveOffice Trick for Xcelsius Developers and Designers

LiveOffice is an out of the box tool from SAP Business Objects that allows users to download reports or parts of reports from BusinessObjects (WebIntelligence and Crystal Reports). It also allows for the creation new queries like QAAWS (query as a web service).

In this blog post we would like to share a tip about an important LiveOffice setting that may be useful for Xcelsius developers and designers.

By default, LiveOffice allows us to download 512 rows and 512 columns when it is used within Xcelsius. Unfortunately this number or rows is not always enough. But rather than change the connections or the logic of our dashboard, which can be complex and time consuming, all we need to do is change the configuration of a .jar file in tomcat.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Create a backup of dsws-liveoffice-ws.jar from server's InstallDrive:program filesbusiness objectsTomcatwebappsdswsbobjeWEB-INFlib (just in case)
  2. Copy dsws-liveoffice-ws.jar from server's InstallDrive:program filesbusiness objectsTomcatwebappsdswsbobjeWEB-INFlib to your computer
  3. Rename the file just copied to (add .zip to end of filename)
  4. Create folder in root of InstallDrive: named META-INF (case sensitive), in InstallDrive:META-INF named BusinessObjects (case sensitive) and in InstallDrive:META-INFBusinessObjects named DSWS (case sensitive). You will obtain the following path: InstallDrive:META-INFBusiness ObjectsDSWS
  5. Using WinZip or WinRAR, unzip the file named from the file copied from the server. Place this file in InstallDrive:META-INFBusinessObjectsDSWS
  6. Open the file and find the following section: maxRowCount=512 maxColumnCount=512
  7. Edit the maxRowCount and maxColumnCount (if needed) with the number of rows and columns that you prefer.
  8. Save the file as (same filename)
  9. Make sure that the new file is in the
  10. Remove the .zip from the file
  11. Copy it to the Tomcat location in the server: InstallDrive:program filesbusiness objectsTomcatwebappsdswsbobjeWEB-INFlib
  12. Restart Tomcat

That's it! Now you are no longer limited to 512 rows and columns. If you have any questions or feedback about this approach, please feel free to leave your comments below.