Embedding Xcelsius dashboards in Dashboard Builder

If your goal is to build a balanced scorecard that is interactive and also secure, you can achieve this by embedding an existing Xcelsius dashboard in Dashboard Builder.

With Xcelsius you have the tools to design an interactive and user-friendly dashboard. And with Dashboard Builder you can build a well-structured scorecard and define which users or group can access it. So with the combination of both tools, you can create a dynamic, user-friendly scorecard which can be integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects XI security model.

How to integrate your Xcelsius dashboard in Dashboard Builder

Export to Business Objects Enterprise
  1. First, export your Xcelsius dashboard to the Business Objects Platform (i.e. your BusinessObjects Enterprise environment).

  2. After exporting to the Business Objects Platform, you will see a login form where you can input the credentials (system name, user name, password and authentication).

  3. After this step, you will be asked to select the folder and name the file. At this point, a flash (.swf) file will be generated automatically and uploaded to BusinessObjects Enterprise.

  4. Now you can integrate the swf file into Dashboard Builder. From Dashboard Builder, create a new analytic, select the uploaded swf file and drag onto the analytic. The screenshot below illustrates this process.

The final image below illustrates the combination of the two tools. The top navigation menu was constructed in Dashboard Builder for easy navigation and the embedded dashboard was created in Xcelsius.

Integrating swf file into the balance scorecard