As leading specialists in business analytics solutions for organisations using SAP, we work closely with clients from all industries — predominantly in the following sectors — to improve their business performance. 

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Healthcare organizations are inundated with more data than ever, and many still struggle to turn this data into action. However, the healthcare industry is transforming, and many payers, providers and pharmaceuticals are successfully implementing healthcare analytics to create a deeper, data-driven understanding of patients, costs, outcomes and costs. Whether the organizations are tackling the overwhelming Big Data challenge or switching from a reactive to a predictive healthcare organization, Clariba can implement the right solution for your organization  allowing you to control costs, identify potential health risks, promote better health and deliver more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. 

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The conversion from voice to data, increased SAC, reduction in ARPU and overzealous regulators curbing roaming voice & data charges in an already-overcrowded market with high penetration are leading to margin erosion and decreasing profitability  ultimately putting telco providers worldwide under immense pressure. With years of experience serving telcos in both prepaid and postpaid scenarios, our team can help you leverage the latest technologies and optimize your BI organization towards a BI Competency Center (BICC) to reduce churn, improve customer segmentation, identify and predict challenges earlier on  while increasing your BI teams’ effectiveness at reduced cost.

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Ooredoo Group →

Vodafone Turkey →

Vodafone Netherlands (Analytics solution) →

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Financial Services & Insurance


In volatile and uncertain times, there is increased scrutiny from central banks and foreign governments where new disruptive entrants — such as telcos with MobileMoney, Apple with ApplePay  are challenging the status quo. Financial services providers struggle keeping with the demands for regulatory reporting, driving a growth strategy and managing risk while customers’ expectations for improved, targeted service offerings in a fast-moving online world are increasing.

Over the past years, Clariba has helped financial service providers automate very manual and costly regulatory reporting, implement internal reporting to all levels of the organization  as well as deliver solutions for strategy management. With our proven capabilities, we can support your organization to turn challenges into opportunities — allowing your organization to drive your profitability, identify risks and increase customer satisfaction.

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Doha Bank →

Qatar Development Bank (Analytics solution) →

Qatar Development Bank (SSM solution) →

Adeslas →


Retail & Wholesale


Customers have more choices, are better informed, are more selective than ever and expect a high-touch experience. The convergence of brick & mortar stores and online shopping — with an increasing volume of product and customer information — is resulting in a massive challenge for retailers. Yet, harnessing this (big) data provides a tremendous opportunity for retailers to address customers with an improved, more personalized offering — increasing the customer experience, identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and driving customer loyalty. Clariba helps retailers optimize their insights with the ability to understand and predict detailed product performance, optimize stock levels and measure supplier delivery performance. This allows you to achieve a better understanding of consumer behavior to increase sales and ensure a profitable, lasting customer relationship.

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Spinneys →


Volatility in currencies and raw materials, costly maintenance, the global shift of manufacturing from east to west, and a constant downward pressure on prices are trends many manufacturers are forced to deal with today if they want to remain relevant. Innovation and an increased solution focus with higher value, technically more advanced products, while managing the supply chain and optimizing maintenance costs are therefore critical for any manufacturer. By combining the vast amounts of internal and external data, and leveraging latest technologies including predictive capabilities, Clariba supports manufacturers to better understand their productivity, develop their strategy, drive competitiveness and reduce maintenance costs.


Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Natural Resources


With over 80 percent of its output produced for export, the petrochemical industry in the Middle East is considerably vulnerable to international market fluctuations and access to global chemicals markets. Furthermore, the competitive advantage of access to cheap hydrocarbon resources the GCC countries have enjoyed for so long are rapidly dwindling as overseas shale gas production is becoming available to producers outside the GCC and closing this competitive gap. Innovation, investing in new technologies, and optimising operational models and the supply chain are therefore critical for producers to stay ahead of the game. Clariba works with petrochemicals by centralizing data from disparate data sources to help align their strategy to changing market trends, centralize their operational, asset and distribution KPIs to support their decision-making processes for future competitiveness.

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Qatalum →



Transportation & Logistics


While global trade is at an all-time high and global terminal operators are achieving healthy profit margins and returns, major expansion projects of transport systems across the Gulf Region are under way and increasing passenger travel are providing an uplift to this industry  increasing energy costs, investments, asset maintenance and costly projects require close monitoring. Clariba works with industry-leading organizations in this sector to leverage the latest technologies with the objective to improve operations, identify revenue and cost optimization opportunities, conduct preventive maintenance and much more.


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