Harness big data and improve governance

Maximize the business value of your data both structured and unstructured — across your organization. Enterprise information management (EIM) solutions whether you implement SAP, IBM or Infomatica technologies  can help you better manage big data, ensure accurate analytics, and improve governance, with timely, consistent, and trustworthy information at every level of your enterprise.

Clariba are experts in enterprise information management technologies derived from its BI practice over the past 14 years and have proven experience in the implementation of EIM solutions for its clients. Team up with Clariba, SAP Gold partner, and we will ensure we implement the right solution for your organization.

SAP Data Services

Cost-effectively deliver trusted information to all of your crucial business functions. SAP Data Services software can help you integrate, transform, and improve your data at the project or enterprise level  for streamlined processes, greater efficiencies, and smarter, more informed decision making.

  • Boost productivity and cut costs with a single solution for data quality and data integration

  • Strengthen performance with better-informed decisions based on trusted information

  • Enhance business process efficiencies with one version of the truth across the enterprise

  • Reduce risk and lower TCO with consistent, high-quality information


Informatica PowerCenter Enterprise

Informatica PowerCenter Enterprise forms the foundation for all your data and enterprise integration initiatives — including data governance, data migration, and enterprise data warehousing — setting the standard for high-performance enterprise data integration and quality software. It scales to support large volumes of disparate data sources and meets demands for security and performance.

  • Role-based tools support iterative business/IT collaboration and development as well as support business and department self-service

  • One-click prototype-to-production capability jumpstarts and accelerates data integration projects in the department, the enterprise, or even the Integration Competency Center (ICC)

  • Metadata-driven data integration with high-performance ETL engine, library of pre-built data transformations, and near universal connectivity

  • Rapid prototyping and data profiling instantly accesses and combines data from multiple sources to ensure requirements are met early and throughout the development process

  • Graphical, intuitive metadata-driven views of data flows, impact analysis and lineage provide better change management and governance


IBM InfoSphere DataStage

IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® integrates data across multiple systems using a high performance parallel framework, and it supports extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity. The scalable platform provides more flexible integration of all types of data, including big data at rest (Hadoop-based) or in motion (stream-based), on distributed and mainframe platforms.

InfoSphere DataStage provides these features and benefits:

  • Powerful, scalable ETL platform — supports the collection, integration and transformation of large volumes of data, with data structures ranging from simple to complex

  • Support for big data and Hadoop — enables you to directly access big data on a distributed file system, and helps clients more efficiently leverage new data sources by providing JSON support and a new JDBC connector

  • Near real-time data integration — as well as connectivity between data sources and applications

  • Workload and business rules management — helps you optimize hardware utilization and prioritize mission-critical tasks

  • Ease of use — helps improve speed, flexibility and effectiveness to build, deploy, update and manage your data integration infrastructure.

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