What is act·in | retail analytics?

act·in | retail analytics is a leading-edge solution that delivers the most advanced business analytics capabilities to retailers of any size. Provided as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution with native connectors to leading ERPs, act·in | Retail analytics enables your company for advanced data-driven decision-making in record time.

Today, customers have more choices, are better informed, are more selective than ever and expect a high-touch experience. Harnessing (big) data provides a tremendous opportunity for retailers to address customers with an improved, more personalized offering — increasing the customer experience, identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and driving customer loyalty.

act·in | Retail analytics is here to offer you the same powerful insights we provide leading retailers worldwide to overcome their critical day-to-day challenges. What normally requires the deployment of costly, time-consuming analytics projects is now available in a packaged, easy-to-deploy, cloud-based solution offering:

  • A corporate library with the most advanced KPIs for the retail industry

  • Comprehensive, interactive management dashboards, with powerful drill-down and collaboration features

  • Real-time insights from all business areas, for fact-based decision-making

  • Optimized mobile access, adapted to tablets and smartphones, for the executive on-the-go
  • Open to combine any data source relevant to your company (on-premise or cloud)

  • Big Data ready - generate insights from your data lake


Ready to add advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, thanks to cutting-edge SAP Predictive Analytics technology

Assess the probability of future outcomes, create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and make accurate decisions to boost your company performance with the addition of predictive algorithms and machine learning.


Enhances your existing ERP & POS solution with powerful analytics

Real-time insights can only be achieved with direct access to the ERP solution and your point of sale (POS) data of the enterprise. Clariba has therefore developed proprietary connectors that integrate with the most relevant on-premise and cloud-based ERP solutions.


Our connectors include access to:


  • SAP R/3
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Business One Cloud
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Business One


Our references

Clariba helps top retailers worldwide optimize their insights with the ability to understand and predict detailed product performance, optimize stock levels and measure supplier delivery performance. Our solutions deliver real-time insights for a better understanding of consumer behavior, leading to increase sales and ensure a profitable, lasting customer relationship.

Stand-alone and Plug & Play

act·in | Retail analytics can be deployed as a stand-alone BI solution or integrated into your existing BI environment. This flexibility allows you to deploy the solution independently from the corporate BI solution your company is currently using.

Technical Capabilities

act·in | Retail analytics is an enterprise grade mobile and desktop solution:

  • Connected to enterprise ERP applications either on premise or in the cloud

  • Rapid integration and adaptation with Clariba act·in | flexiDM data model

  • More flexible than the reporting provided by the software manufacturer

  • Extends and leverages existing IT infrastructure where needed

  • Secure, dependable and powered by leading cloud technology platforms

  • User interface options:

    o   independent mobile APP for iOS and Android - or -

    o   self-service analytics, dashboards and reporting with SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira, SAP Digital Boardroom

  • GDPR compliant

Combine it with act·in | genie, our powerful mobile app for advanced analytics on-the-go

 See act·in | genie here


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