We help businesses develop long-term, sustainable competitive advantage through innovation

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We are an experienced leader in data-driven digital transformation solutions for all major industries. We drive innovation initiatives for our customers with the latest technologies, including computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Our Clariba Innovation Lab collaborates with clients, partners and investigation centers around the world to create innovations that improve business performance, automate processes and develop new business models


How can your company identify potential uses of innovative technologies to improve its performance?

Our Clariba Innovation Lab offers in-house workshops. Our innovation experts help you identify the potentially most successful applications of the latest technologies to improve your business performance.

We combine our proven expertise in your industry with advanced design-thinking techniques and business-case evaluation methodologies to build a comprehensive and feasible innovation roadmap, always ROI-oriented and focusing on boosting growth.



Our proposed Digital Transformation Roadmap involves the following key stages:

360º BI assessment

Analyzing current information needs and platforms, and defining the roadmap

Data integration & Big Data

Data gathering, integration and storage at an enterprise-wide level

Multi-device, enterprise-wide analytics solution

Timely delivering insightful information to all users

Predictive analytics, machine learning and A.I.

Predictive models, what-if scenarios; supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for segmentation, clustering, prediction and automation. Natural language recognition, chatbots, social analytics and more.



We have successfully integrated machine learning solutions for retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, banking and transportation & logistics companies around the world.

Our machine learning integration expertise includes intelligent customer segmentation, fraud detection, processes automation through deep learning, churn prevention and store layout improvement.

Our data scientists have proven expertise in the integration of supervised and unsupervised algorithms for business purposes, offering a faster go-to-market time.



Through our Clariba Innovation Lab, we develop innovative solutions involving:

  • Natural language recognition and integration in analytics solutions

  • Chatbots and text interpretation for customer support

  • Cognitive experimentation

  • Computer vision for retail stores

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