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Tips for Installing Xcelsius 2008 with Office 2010

October 30th, 2010 / admin

While Microsoft Office 2010 has been available for retail since June 2010, the latest version of Xcelsius (2008 SP3 FP3.3) is not yet officially supported. At the moment you are supposed to run it with Office 2003, XP or 2007. But you may be interested to know what happens if you try to install Xcelsius 2008 on a computer which “only” has Office 2010…

To begin with, you get the following message:

In reality, Xcelsius 2008 will work fine with Office 2010. The only question is, how do you get rid of this installation problem? A possible workaround is to install an earlier version of Excel, install Xcelsius, then remove the older Excel. But it takes time, and you probably don’t have any installer file for an earlier version of Office.

The purpose of this post is therefore to allow to you to perform the installation of Xcelsius 2008 with Office 2010 in a quick and efficient way. The principle of the workaround is to prevent the installer from checking the presence of Office on the computer by tweaking it.


  • An Xcelsius installer file. For this article I’ve downloaded the file xcelsiusent2008sp3.exe from SAP Business Objects Software Downloads.
  • A license key available on service.sap.com/support – Keys & Requests
  • InstEd, a free MSI editor
  • A software able to extract data from zip-formatted files. 7zip works fine and is free – also for commercial use.


  1. The Xcelsius installer file is a zip archive. Extract the data from it.
  2. Download the latest version of InstEd and install it on your computer.
  3. Make a backup of the “Xcelsius.msi” file located in the “package” folder. If you make any mistake with the msi file you’ll be able to recover it.
  4. Open with InstEd the” Xcelsius.msi” file. On the left part of the screen, in the “Tables” tab, click on “LaunchCondition”. On the right side you’ll see a list of conditions that are checked.
  5. Delete the row which refers to Office (it begins with “(EXCELl10 OR OUTLOOK10″) and save the file.
  6. Now execute the “Xcelsius.msi” file you’ve just modified. You shouldn’t have any error message regarding Office anymore. Accept the license agreement (although it may not be displayed), enter your name/organization/keycode (license key) and choose the options you need. After copying some files, the program will tell you it’s finished installing Xcelsius.
  7. You may meet another problem during the first run of the program: although you entered a valid keycode, Xcelsius considers it as expired. Entering the keycode again won’t solve the problem. The trick is to execute Xcelsius as an administrator (display the option by right-clicking on the program icon).

Now entering the keycode will result in the opening of Xcelsius.

Note: the tests were done on Windows 7. If you meet with other behaviors on different platforms, please let me know!

23 Responses to “Tips for Installing Xcelsius 2008 with Office 2010”

  1. Jordi Lopez says:

    This is a fantastic trick. It helped me out when I faced the same annoying message in Windows XP when I tried to install LiveOffice XI 3.0. You only have to remove that particular row that you mentioned from the launch conditions and this is it.

  2. NITHI says:

    Hi,great help with the first part.Just that the second part of the password expired is still an issue for me. i key in the code but the OK button is still disabled. Can u help me in this?

  3. Suresh says:


    I followed the steps. But still have the keycode issue. It prompts that the keycode entered is not valid.

    OS: Windows 7 64
    Xcelcius 2008 SP3.


  4. @Nithi, Suresh:
    - if the OK button is disabled, you’ve probably not entered the correct number of digits. The OK button gets enabled as soon as you’ve entered the correct number of digits, regardless of whether the code is correct or not
    - If you’re being told that the keycode entered is not valid although you’ve done it in “run as administrator” mode, check the editions of the key code / Xcelsius. There are different key codes for different versions of Xcelsius.

    Best regards,


  5. Philip Moon says:

    Brilliant – thanks so much for this. It worked fine. One tip for othre users – make sure you right click on the msi package first – then look at its Properties and make sure it ‘Read only’ is not ticked – otherwise InstEd wont be able to change the file.

  6. Criselda says:

    Hi ,

    if you enter the keycode with the hyphen for example ggggg-jjjj-ppp, it would work

  7. Surya says:

    while i am trying to install Xcelsius 2008,i got a message as “install windows Xp Sp2 or Windows server 2003 or higher versions”,even i have installed Windows Sp3,Ms Excell 2010.adobe Flash Player also.Plz give me the solution.

  8. Alan says:

    Downloaded the editor, opened the msi file and theTABLES | LAUNCHCONDITION is full of nulls. THere’s nothing to edit. Yet I still get the Office needs to be pre-installed message. Any ideas?


  9. C Ruiz says:

    Excelente solucion!

  10. vicki texeira says:

    this works perfectly.. thanks so much !

  11. Daniel says:

    Excelente Solución. Me salvo lo necesitaba para unos reportes y solucionado. Muchas Gracias

  12. Pierre-Emmanuel Larrouturou (author) says:

    Dear all,

    please be aware that the latest version of Xcelsius (Service Pack 5) now supports Office 2010. See the official announcement: http://forums.sdn.sap.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2123607&tstart=0

    Note however that the trick to change the license key (execute Xcelsius as an administrator) is still needed.

  13. caleb says:

    Thanks for this worked perfectly!! Also note that each of the updates 3.5 and 3.6 have to be done exactly the same.

  14. m2wachira says:

    Thanks for the info.worked like magic

  15. [...] being installed and stop you from going any further – you’ll need to resort to some workarounds.  SP 4 downloads are [...]

  16. Luis Jaramillo says:

    Gracias mi hermano, desde Panama.
    Fue de mucha ayuda el trick

  17. Marcio Leão says:

    Thanks! Works fine in Xcelsius SP1

  18. Arun Kumar says:

    There are other work arounds like using editors like orca and installing both versions of MS office 2007 and 2010 and uninstalling one after xcelsius installation.


  19. Jac says:

    I have Office 2010 but running on Windows XP. I installed Adobe Air on my pc which caused other issues so I removed it. But now I get error when trying to export or preview files. Error: The Operating System is not presently configured to run this application
    Does anyone know how to resolve and if installing Adobe Air had anything to do with it?

  20. cmar says:

    I have a similar problem while trying to install Xcelsius new version (4.0). I followed that steps without success. I’m executing it as an administrator, and I have also Excel 2010 (and as far as I now, Xcelsius do support this version) but doesn’t work. Any solution?

  21. SAM says:

    I was able to install Xcelsius using this workflow for 2010 office products.But when i launch XCELSIUS and try to insert excel sheet or insert a Webi report in to excel it does not do anything.

  22. Felipe - Brazil says:

    very thanks, work!

  23. Richard says:

    Thank you very much, you saved me!

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